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Brick project no.1

From concrete to toy bricks

Step by step instructions / 9 model Set

During the confinement days, my 7-year-old son and I had quite a bit of time to kill, so we decided to make some of Daddy’s concrete sculptures using our toy bricks. We tried to stick to the most basic and common pieces as much as possible (you can see the piece list for each model).

Models 6-7-9 are articulated and can change shape as shown on the videos. They are new designs not based on previous concrete sculptures

Where can I get pieces?

Here are a few links where you can get individual pieces:

From the Lego Store in their “Pick-a-Brick” section, you can order individual pieces. The following link is for the US site so depending on your location you might be redirected:

Other options where you can find new and used individual bricks:

MODEL no.1

Based on “Primitive no.4”. It’s a stackable so you can build a few and pile them to create twisting towers

MODEL no.2

Based on “Spinning Stairs” concrete scupture. I also made a paper version available in Architecture Set no.2

MODEL no.3

Based on “Stairway no.13”

MODEL no.4

Based on “House no.7”

MODEL no.5

Based on “House no.9”

MODEL no.6

Based on “Circonvolutions no.4”

MODEL no.7

“Brick-Former”, original design

MODEL no.8

“Brick-Former”, original design

MODEL no.9

“Brick-Former”, original design

Feel like trying them?

You can get the detailed step-by-step building instructions in these sets: