Aluminium Murals

sand-casted and hand-polished recycled aluminium wall art

Sand-casted and hand-polished aluminium wall panels I did these relief works during an expat year in Indonesia. With the help of my dear friend Komang, a very talented Balinese artist, we first carved the patterns onto wood panels. Then, we had them sand-casted in recycled aluminum and carefully hand-polished. Sand-casted aluminum (after concrete…) is definitely […]

Metal Assemblages

Assembled steel sheet metal sculpture

BRASS AND STEEL SCULPTURES This series is a direct translation of my recent explorations with cardboard, paper, and acrylic. The metal sheets are cut using water jet machines. The steel reacts with water, producing a rusty patina effect. I find that steel and concrete both share rough, raw, and industrial qualities. Assembled Steel no.2: Disclosure […]