New Territories

BRUTALIST FUTURISTIC CITYSCAPES New Territories is a cityscapes generative project sequel to CityBlocks: Genesis. It has been published on fx(hash) Sept 19, 2022 For this project, I needed about 75 base modules that I loaded  in a  “generator” very similar to the one used in CityBlocks. The generated models are much more detailed and complex […]

CityBlocks: Genesis

GENERATIVE ARCHITECTURE AND 3D PRINTED SCULPTURES In the Cityblocks series, urban ensembles are generated with a simple click. With each iteration appears a new densely built city block. Graced with impeccable geometrical lines, devoid of any human presence, these buildings remind us of brutalist utopias like Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse or Niemeyer’s Brasilia. But despite […]

Architecture Set no.3

Architectural Cut and Fold Paper Models Multi-piece assembled models This third series of architectural paper art creations is much more complex than the previous ones. Instead of designing standalone pieces that can be made out of one or a few sheets of paper, I have created a system of pieces that can be assembled in […]

Architecture Set no.2

Cutting, Folding and assembling Paper Models In this series of architectural paper art, I take greater liberties compared to traditional Kirigami Art. I experiment with different paper sizes and sometimes use multiple pieces in a single construction. 3 BASIC Models These three pieces evoke architectural structures. Instead of the more traditional square shape, I utilized […]

Acrylic Assemblages

two blue acrylic laser cut sculptures

LIFE IN PLASTIC Seeing all the acrylic being used during the Pandemic, I started wondering what will happen to all that plastic when things settle down. That’s when I started thinking about acrylic designs, which could be used with discarded material. Assembling Ghost Tower no.2 RELATED POSTS Vernaculaire Extraordinaire Solo Exhibiton, Art Mûr Gallery […]

Contemporary Cluster

MEDIOEGO EXHIBITION ROME Contemporary ClusterPalazzo Brancaccio, Via Merulana, 248, 00185 RomaApril 28th – May 29th 2022 This exhibition showcased mostly large pieces, including the corpus I produced during a two-week art residency in Hungary in 2019 (Szigetmonostori Betonszobrászati művésztelep) RELATED POSTS Escher Museum ARCHITECT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE Escher in Het Paleis, The Hague, NLNovember 14th […]

Vernaculaire Extraordinaire

Art exhibition at art mur gallery

Solo Exhibiton, Art Mûr Gallery January 15th – February 26th, 2022 5826 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2L7 Sacred Place 2022 (30x30x30 cm) Text by Nancy Webb Over the past two years, we have perhaps contemplated every curve, every corner and every speck of dust in our apartments and homes more than ever before—out […]


Cloister 2021 Concrete Unique Edition  H:12 x W:12 x D:11 (in) H:30 x W:30 x D:28 (cm)  See sculptures available for purchase here SHARE YOUR COMMENTS AND EXPERIMENTATIONS If you come up with nice creative results, I would be more than happy to see them! Please feel free to share your links in the comments section. RELATED CONTENT […]

Folded Stones

FROM PAPER TO CONCRETE “Folded Stones” is the name of a minimalist concrete sculptures collection, but also the main body of works and the title of an exhibition that was presented at Modern Shapes Gallery, in Antwerp, Belgium in 2021. This series marks an important moment: it is a crossover between the 2D paper folding […]


LARGE FUNCTIONAL SCULPTURES Broadcasted from Montreal on April 22nd to May 4th 2021, Fictions was an immersive virtual exhibition of eight Montreal designers including Atelier Zébulon Perron, Claste Collection, David Umemoto, Lambert & Fils, Loïc Bard, Pascale Girardin, SSSVLL, and Yannick Pouliot. Presented by the Canadian Creators Collective. Curated by Nicolas Bellevance-Lecompte. The project was […]