Folded Stones


“Folded Stones” is the name of a minimalist concrete sculptures collection, but also the main body of works and the title of an exhibition that was presented at Modern Shapes Gallery, in Antwerp, Belgium in 2021.

This series marks an important moment: it is a crossover between the 2D paper folding and solid concrete corpus.

Some pieces are direct translations of the paper folding, some are reinterpretations, and some have been designed from scratch without previous paper reference but with the idea that they could be translated back into paper. When it is the case, I have put the paper reference with the concrete models.

Pictures of the exhibition at Modern Shapes Gallery

Link to gallery page:

Folded Stones Series

Photos of the complete series with paper model references.

Paper Models

I used some paper models from my cut & fold Architectural Set as reference for these concrete sculptures

D.I.Y. Schematics TO MAKE AT HOME

Cut and Fold Paper Models

If you’d like to try making these models at home, templates and instructions are available for purchase in my store. The templates come in PDF format that you can print and cut with a precision knife. Additionally, DXF vector files are included, which can be used with cutting plotters (such as Cricut or Cameo) or laser cutters.

Polystyrene Study Models

In some cases, I used 1 inch polystyrene boards to make tests.
The image in te center is a 1:1 scale study model


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