This is my first series of handprinted linocuts
The matrix is split in modular “tiles” that can be assembled and reassembled in an infinite number of ways. Through an iterative process, the figures are reorganized, mutated, exploded and remerged to create a sequence of images.
Genèse I, 2013, 30cm X 18cm
Genèse V, 2013, 35cm X 35cm

Naga I & II, 2013, 53cm X 35cm
Mutation I, 2013, 60cm X 90cm
Mutation II, 2013, 90cm X 60cm
Mutation III, 2013, 60cm X 53cm
Cathédrale I, 2013, 90cm X 60cm
Cathédrale II, 2013, 90cm X 60cm
Genèse II & III, 2013, 30cm X 18cm
Fragments, 2013, 22cm X  18cm