ARC 101 – Beginner Set

INTRODUCTION TO CUT&FOLD Paper Art If you’re a parent like me, at some point you’ve probably been asked by your kid or a teacher to come into class to talk about your work, or host an activity. I did it a few times with moderate success, not being organized well enough, realizing on the spot […]

Cutting And Folding Paper

ASSEMBLING PAPER SCULPTURES The lockdown, everyone has his or her story. Mine is mostly made of paper. During these stay-at-home days in my 3d floor apartment, I obviously couldn’t cast concrete, so I had to find other ways to keep active. I’ve had these thoughts for a while about using other materials. I’ve always liked […]

Brick project no.1

From concrete to toy bricks Step by step instructions / 9 model Set During the confinement days, my 7-year-old son and I had quite a bit of time to kill, so we decided to make some of Daddy’s concrete sculptures using our toy bricks. We tried to stick to the most basic and common pieces […]

Architecture Set no.3

Architectural Cut and Fold Paper Models Multi-piece assembled models This third series of architectural paper art creations is much more complex than the previous ones. Instead of designing standalone pieces that can be made out of one or a few sheets of paper, I have created a system of pieces that can be assembled in […]

Architecture Set no.2

Cutting, Folding and assembling Paper Models In this series of architectural paper art, I take greater liberties compared to traditional Kirigami Art. I experiment with different paper sizes and sometimes use multiple pieces in a single construction. 3 BASIC Models These three pieces evoke architectural structures. Instead of the more traditional square shape, I utilized […]

Architecture Set no.1

Cut and Fold Paper Models Kirigami is a traditional Japanese art form that combines paper cutting and folding. Derived from the Japanese words “kiri” meaning “cut” and “gami” meaning “paper,” kirigami shares a close relationship with origami, the art of paper folding. What sets kirigami apart is its incorporation of cuts alongside folds, resulting in […]