Monument 1
Monument 2
Monument 3
Monument 7
Sculptural Lamp no. 1
Sculptural Lamp no. 3
Sculptural Lamp no. 4
Brutalist Concrete Vases
Concrete Square Vase Series / First Edition
Cubic Geometry SIX : 11
Cubic Geometry SIX : 12
Cubic Geometry SIX : 13
Soma Cube xs
SC xxiv | Angel ii
SC xxv | Angel iii
SC xxi | infrastructure vi
SC xxii | infrastructure vii
Cubic Geometry ix-i
Cubic Geometry ix-ii
Cubic Geometry ix-iii
Cubic Geometry ix-iv
Cubic Geometry ix-v
Concrete Relief Tiles | Series i
Concrete Relief Tiles | Series ii
Metropolis Series | ALUMINIUM WALL TILES
The Phoenix and the Dragon
140 Characters
REQUIEM | Ch.VII "Suffering"
REQUIEM | Ch.VI «Evil and Ignorance»
REQUIEM | Ch.V "Love and Joy"
REQUIEM | Ch. IV "Creation of Human Beings"
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