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Architecture Set no.3

Architectural Cut and Fold Paper Models

Multi-piece assembled models

This third series of architectural paper art creations is much more complex than the previous ones. Instead of designing standalone pieces that can be made out of one or a few sheets of paper, I have created a system of pieces that can be assembled in many ways.

Although these models can be printed ant cut out with a knife, I was quite happy to have my cutting machine. The intricate design of these pieces includes a multitude of slots that demand a high level of precision for assembly.


Here are examples of how you can assemble the pieces in various ways, allowing for the creation of new designs.

"TECH Tower" - MODEL no.14

Once again, here’s an example of how you can assemble the pieces in other ways to create new designs

"Archicube" - Model no.19

D.I.Y. Schematics TO MAKE AT HOME

Cut and Fold Paper Models

If you’d like to try making these models at home, templates and instructions are available for purchase in my store. The templates come in PDF format that you can print and cut with a precision knife. Additionally, DXF vector files are included, which can be used with cutting plotters (such as Cricut or Cameo) or laser cutters.


If you come up with nice creative results, I would be more than happy to see them! Please feel free to share your links in the comments section.

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