Architecture Set no.2

Cutting, Folding and assembling Paper Models

In this series of architectural paper art, I take greater liberties compared to traditional Kirigami Art. I experiment with different paper sizes and sometimes use multiple pieces in a single construction.

3 BASIC Models

These three pieces evoke architectural structures. Instead of the more traditional square shape, I utilized rectangular sheets of paper.

Cubic House

With project, I wanted to create a contemporary-looking cubic structure that looked like a modern house. I used 7 squared sheet of paper. Here again, the entire assembled piece relies solely on notches for its structural integrity, eliminating the need for glue.

Primitive no.5 – paper edition

The challenge with this piece was to translate an artwork I had previously created in concrete in paper. It is constructed using a base module made from a single rectangular sheet of paper, which is repeated four times. The entire assembled piece holds together through the use of notches only, with no requirement for glue.

D.I.Y. Schematics TO MAKE AT HOME

Cut and Fold Paper Models

If you’d like to try making these models at home, templates and instructions are available for purchase in my store. The templates come in PDF format that you can print and cut with a precision knife. Additionally, DXF vector files are included, which can be used with cutting plotters (such as Cricut or Cameo) or laser cutters.


If you come up with nice creative results, I would be more than happy to see them! Please feel free to share your links in the comments section.

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