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CityBlocks: Reloaded


This project was published on June 29th, 2023, on Fx(hash), a Tezos blockchain-based open NFT platform entirely focused on generative art. It utilizes algorithms programmed in JavaScript to create unique and unpredictable iterations.

It serves as the sequel to “CITYBLOCKS: GENESIS” and “NEW TERRITORIES,” which were previously released on the same platform. In this installment, the scale is much smaller, allowing for a closer examination of the buildings.

The primary objective of this “generator” is to produce 3D models that can be physically constructed using building toy bricks (without mentioning any specific brand, though you might have an idea). You can explore the model using the mouse and export step-by-step building instructions in PDF format. Additionally, GLTF and STL downloads are available for 3D printing experiments or any other creative endeavors you may wish to pursue with them.

Series of outputs from the online generator


The generator has a feature that generates step-by-step PDF instructions for building the models using toy bricks. The models can also be downloaded in GLTF format and examined in detail from various angles with a 3D viewer

Iterations you won't get

These images were generated with a few modifications to the code. Although they are still buildable, you would need an amazing collection of bricks that I would be jealous of.

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