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In this project, I tried to answer one of those questions no one ever asked: What would happen if you mixed robots and architecture? Well… the answer is obviously ARCHIBOTS. In my teen years, I was obsessed with model-making. My epiphany occurred when I discovered the fantastic world of Games Workshop, a company specializing in role-playing board games. They produced miniature lead and plastic figurines, magazines, books and games with irresistible names like Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and Warhammer 40,000. Who would go out in the sun when you could be painting, modifying and staging armies of Snotlings, Skavens or Space Marines? This project is a tribute to the Games Workshop crew of the Nineties and to all my dear past and present geeky friends.

Link to the project:

Series of outputs from the online generator

Generative architectural robot outputs from the generative project published on fx(Hash)
November 23, 2022

3D printed sculptures

To create the ARCHIBOTS, I first designed hundreds of body parts. I then loaded them in a “generator” (a Javascript web browser program that my super-excellent bro helped me code). The pieces are shuffled following a series of algorithms and assembled to generate unique iterations. The models can be saved as images or exported as STL 3D printable models.

This project is my first attempt at creating figurines (and because I enjoyed it so much it shouldn’t be my last…)


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