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New Territories


New Territories is a cityscapes generative project sequel to CityBlocks: Genesis. It has been published on fx(hash) Sept 19, 2022

For this project, I needed about 75 base modules that I loaded  in a  “generator” very similar to the one used in CityBlocks.

The generated models are much more detailed and complex than in the previous project, which makes them less suitable for 3D printing. This project is more oriented towards the generation of “cityscape” images. The generator can export high resolution colored images that can be 2D printed.

Link to project page:

Series of outputs from the online generator

This generative project was published on fx(Hash)
October 23, 2022

Pen Plotted Drawings

A great advantage of the 3D aspect of this project is the possibility of exploring it from all angles and thus being able to frame different points of view. Its vector nature also makes it possible, with a few manipulations, to extract 2D files in SVG format that can be plotted using pen plotters. There are a large number of specialized devices for this type of printing, but in my case I use the same machine with which I cut the paper, the Silhouette Cameo. You simply replace the blade with any pen or pencil and you can draw on most papers. What I particularly like about this printing medium is its imperfection, its slightly analog grain which gives a lot of life to the designs. In fact, these outputs are not impressions but drawings.


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