Jitu Raiyan

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Concrete Genesis


As time goes, memories fade away. When and why exactly did I get my first bag of concrete? I can’t tell for sure, but it was around 2014. Among many things, I remember that I was looking for a cheaper and more accessible alternative to casting metal, which I was doing during my Art Journey in the Far East.

My first idea was to build modular architectural blocks to use in photo projects. I thought that by playing with these blocks, I could find a different way to design and to showcase projects, similar to what we used to do in Arch school.

 In my “previous life”, I worked for a while in architecture firms and I found it very depressing seeing how many years-worth of work were totally lost on never-built projects. Just bytes of data stored on a hard drive for eternity. So I thought: at least if I could manage to make nice models, something tangible would remain.

The first Molds

These are the molds for my very first concrete casting experiments.
They’re made of foamcore

Let it Flow

I experimented with a wide variety of concrete mixes, molding materials and techniques.

These castings were produced by having the concrete flow with gravity. It is poured in a series of “waves”, letting it set for about 10-15 minutes between each one

Photo projects

One of the ideas I had while I started playing with concrete was to make modular pieces that could be used in photo projects. At the time, I had just gotten my first digital SLR camera and was very trigger happy!

Lost Cities

Using different materials for the molds creates textures that catch light in a beautiful way


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