Jitu Raiyan

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Szigetmonostor Symposium


Monostori Művésztelep – Betonművészet
July 15th – 29th 2019

In the summer of 2019, I had the privilege of being invited to participate in a two-week symposium and art residency focused entirely on concrete, alongside eight other artists. It was located in the small village of Szigetmonostor, on Szentendre Island, just outside of Budapest in Hungary’s countryside. The collaborative outdoor setting was an incredible and unique experience.

Throughout this concrete art workshop, we created a diverse collection of artworks, exploring different styles and sizes. We shared techniques and pushed the boundaries of the material, resulting in an inspiring and innovative body of work. I managed to produce four large-scale pieces.

These pieces created during the exhibition were exhibited in Budapest and at Nick Gallery in Pécs. They were also part of Medioego exhibition held at Contemporary Cluster Gallery in ROME in 2022

Many thanks to Balázs Veres, the mastermind and organizer of the symposium, and to Hajni and Attila, our amazing hosts.

The following piece was installed permanently in the outdoor sculpture garden and is now part of the collection of the community center that hosted the event.


I usually use extruded polystyrene instead of the expanded kind you see here. The big advantage of the latter is its constant thickness. However, it’s a bit fragile and a pain to remove.


I rarely make cylindrical shapes as they take quite long to assemble. Except for the central part, all the exterior was “improvised,” which makes the demolding process especially fun!


I completed this piece in about a day at the end of the symposium. It started as a joke and a challenge since it is a giant unmanageable 15 kg 4-spout “teapot.” However, it turned out to be one of my all-time favorite pieces, so I suppose sometimes it’s worth trying things just for fun. And it was much more difficult to make than anticipated…


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