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Primitive Icon n.03

Concrete Wall Art

Primitive Icon n.03

Quite a while ago, while collaborating with Cirque du Soleil on hospitality projects, I spent a lot of time researching primitive arts. What struck me was the universal presence of certain elements across diverse cultures around the world. References to natural elements, rites of passage, and most significantly, the profound and intangible emotions they could evoke using very simple geometric elements. It left a strong mark on me that accompanied me since then.

The process of creating these wall pieces follows a generative design approach, where modular mold pieces are assembled pseudo-randomly to produce unique iterations. It’s a blend of thoughtful planning and spontaneous improvisation, which is a destabilizing yet very exciting way of creating.

Every piece in this series is one-of-a-kind and includes mounting brackets for easy wall installation.

Year: 2024 
Material: Concrete 
Edition size: Unique Edition 

Dimensions (in) : H:14 x W:9 x D:2,5 
Dimensions (cm) : H:35 x W:22 x D:6,5 

Weight (lb) : 14
Weight (kg) : 6,5

Available: 1200 USD

You can purchase it directly from our store

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