This project has been conceived silmuneatously as a physical and as a digital project.
You can see the generative NFT token here
The physical version is a cast concrete sculpture produced in 3 editions.
It was created for the “Primitives” exhibition:
OSA / J.W. Stellick Gallery, Ottawa
Oct 6th - Nov 13th 2022.

W:13 x D:13 x H:13 in
(W:33 x D:33 x H:33 cm)
The digital version is a generative token released on the Fx(hash) Tezos NFT platform
It expresses various possible stages in the lifetime of what that object could be as a human scale architectural work. Is it being built or is in decay?  It’s in that brief moment when something is being built or dismantled that you can see and understand its inner structure, that you have the privileged access to the secrets of its conception. It’s vulnerable and fragile but also light and elegant. The unfinished quality leaves place for imagination to guess where the piece came or is going.
One of the main purpose of this token is the possibility to have it 3D printed.
The default STL output size 78x78x78 mm is the minimal recommended size for printing.
Large sizes may produce better quality prints and minimize breakage risks.
Multijet Fusion / PA 12 - 3D print
78x78x78 mm
Multijet Fusion / PA 12 - 3D print
78x78x78 mm
Generative outputs