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The work is composed of modular blocks cast in concrete. It is architectural in concept and sculptural in its materiality. It is inspired by sacred architecture, one of the oldest and most universal. The cross, the basic geometrical element of the plan can be perceived at different scales. The elevations, which are purposely missing, are left to the imagination. Is this the foundation of a building under construction or the last traces of a ruin before its complete disappearance? This is the beginning and the end of a cycle. This is ground zero, the anchor of any construction, essential to the elevation of the upper floors. The viewer, overlooking the piece placed on the floor, can then contemplate his own elevation.

ELEVATION: Chromatic Festival

This installation was created for the 6th edition of Chromatic Art Festival, in 2015. It’s the first time I presented my concrete work in public. The exhibition took place in the Chalet du Mont Royal on the Belvédère Kondiaronk, a unique location set on top of Mount Royal.

Alternative setup


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